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Bring the elections home

The IRG feeds the public debate on questions of democratic governance and ecological and social transition. It does this by publishing studies, articles and reports that allow for in-depth analysis. Our idea with this blog is to encourage reflection by making key players’ innovative experiences in the field more visible and valuing their diversity.

For the last five months, we have been putting the emphasis in this blog on the challenges of the electoral debates in France, particularly the crisis in our democracy. With the slogan “the elections are coming home”, we’re humbly trying to show different points of view (including those that differ from ours) in order to better illustrate the expectations and needs that are expressed behind citizens’ discontent, whether this is in relation to Europe, social ties, solidarities, political representatives, the “State” or democracy. We also show proposals, particularly those put forward by citizens.

We also feel it is important to put everything in its context and see to what extent these experiences can help recode the DNA of our democracy. To provide information about this new inspiration is also to reconnect citizens with the great challenges that lie ahead. It is to “bring the elections home.”

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    Tuesday 04/04/2017 18:02
    What citizens expect from Europe

    In 2017, it is difficult to say anything positive about the European Union without receiving a round of sharp criticism.