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National Meetings on Empowerment (Pouvoir d'agir)

The IRG has partnered with many other organisations of the National Meetings on the Power to Act coordinated by AEQUITAZ: "Fireflies don’t do away with the night. Even one is enough to re-enchant". This meeting will be an opportunity for those engaged in the development of citizen empowerment at a local level to meet. Democracy suffers from a way of functioning which can turn round and round – even when it’s called « participatory democracy. » During this event we will begin with problems we’ve experienced (migration, poverty, pollution…) in order to then express the power of people and institutions. The event will be an opportunity for those working in NGOs and elected officials to discuss their practices and imagine new ways of working together. The event will be made up of small workshops using dynamic and inclusive methods based on experiences and analyses.
Check here the programme of the next meeting on February 3, 2018.

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