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Furthering Legitimacy to overcome the Crisis of Democracy

Discover the recent works of the IRG on State legitimacy in this motion.
The political, social and financial crises that are shaking the world every day are increasing mistrust between societies and States. The popular "revolutions" of recent years are unambiguous. It is indeed the State's managerial approach and its placing under the guardianship of specific interests that outrage and provoke a rejection of the peoples, not the State as such.
This raises the issue of the legitimacy of the State, that is the basis for the voluntary adherence of the populations to the latter, conferring on it the status as supreme political authority. Legitimacy is at the heart of the social anchoring, the definition of the shared meaning and values that are supposed to organise living together and the effectiveness of the State. In this respect, the question of legitimacy raises serious and important issues. It is a pillar of the peaceful regulation of societies and a condition for the survival of democracy.